WA China Watch Digest Special!

Translation: Weibo bloggers in China reacting, favorably mostly, to Donald Trump winning U.S. presidency

Weibo Trump search screenshot.By Wen Liu   Nov. 16, 2016

On Nov. 8, Donald Trump with his stunning victory over Hillary Clinton shocked not only people in America, but also people all over the world, including those in China. Americans, of course, chose their candidate out their own interest and along their own political beliefs about the United States, its economy, its trade, its direction, its government, its leadership in the world, etc. In China, however, without a stake in it, and without a free election of national leaders of their own, netizens showed a great interest in following the American presidential election and expressed freely their views, often favorable and sometimes confusing, about Donald Trump's win out of their overall impression of him or their own gut feeling. Here is a sample of their posts on Weibo, the micro-blogging site, over the last few days.

Dai Xu: Although there can be no American president who is truly friendly with China, I still prefer Trump. Since he is hard to fathom, there could be other possibilities, while Hillary Clinton showed her stubborn attitudes towards China. Certainly, whoever is elected American president, China would still continue to move forward as always. Haha.

Niu Fuli: Comrade Trump! American people are still pretty great people, who didn’t drop the ball at the critical moment, and elected perhaps the greatest president since Ronald Reagan: Donald Trump. I originally rooted for Hillary the old lady whom I didn’t like very much. In the end I decided I really liked Trump. So am I happy?

Love Yuanyuan 2: The 45th president of the United States was elected. I don’t know why, I prefer Trump. Maybe it is because he is different, he is a maverick, and he attacked the establishment...

Dark Valley Clear Stream 06 : I don’t know why from my heart I didn’t like Hillary. I hoped she would lose when she first decided to run for president. As for Trump, he is also a disgusting fellow. I was lost for a while as to why there were no other choices in America. But when it became a must to choose between these two candidates, I would rather pick Trump.

Traveling Consultant: Why did Trump win? An election predicted to go the other way completely reversed in an earth-shaking way. Maybe the whole world should reflect on it, learning something from it, and benefiting from it.

Trump mask made in China. Screenshot.wuyumin888: I would really understand if a few people commit suicide because of the election of Trump! This world is crazy, giving people the impulse to escape from the earth, too hard to bear! Well, I have experienced a great deal of hardship, so I will take it easy!

Watching World while Getting to Middle Age: Trump’s election as the president is the inevitable result of the bankrupt American elite politics. Chinese Americans, most of them grassroots, have now become the outlet of anger. Are there American elites behind it instigating and promoting? Doesn’t it have to do with China’s rise and the fear and hatred of it?

Guest in Shandong: Not sure if I should congratulate Trump on being elected or Hillary on being defeated. Neither of them was best candidate for the United States!

Small Shadow with Ambition: Trump won and a new presidency of the United States has arrived! Although the candidates in this election were both of poor quality, a general was pulled out among dwarfs, as the Chinese saying goes. Would Americans have their wishes come true? Can Trump really save the United States?

Mo Ming 186: A few days ago, the 70-year-old Trump fighting over a job with the 69-year-old Hillary, and Trump won!! What this tells us is that age is not critical in determining one’s success. What excuses do you have to say you are old? What excuses do you have for not trying hard?

Don’t recognize you when meeting you: Old Trump is a businessman who will always seek to maximize interest and not lose mind and do things that would hurt both sides. This is probably why China should celebrate.

Water Skin: With the end of American presidential election, the depreciation of renminbi is fiercely accelerating. The simple reason is that in the short term American dollar would greatly strengthen. Why? It has a lot to do with Trump elected president.

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