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News/Translation: Weibots on ridiculing Trump as zodiac dog, but not Chinese president

Trump Dog. NetEase screenshot.By Wen Liu   Jan. 5, 2018

Last time President Trump was depicted in China as a zodiac sign, he was a giant rooster. This time, for the coming Chinese New Year of the Dog, President Trump is reincarnated as a giant dog, and once more at a mall in Taiyuan, of Shanxi province.

His Chinese zodiac statue this year, however, is more meaningful, as President Trump was born in a year of the Dog, 1946, according to Newsweek. With this tradition in Taiyuan, however, Newsweek said, Trump could also be depicted as a pig in 2019 and a rat in 2020.

What about Chinese netizens, especially users of the popular micro-blogging site Weibo? What are they saying about the new dog statue of Trump? Here are some of their posts at the end of 2017:

Nine Skies Fairy 9988: Taiyuan mall is displaying a Trump Dog, attracting big crowds all around it. Take a look, does it look like him?

Taylor Swift Resource Selection: Hahahahahahaha, how lovely. We dare not ridicule our own president, we can only ridicule a foreign one.

User 0612: Trump was born in 1946, a Dog. How fun!

St. Merrill & Principles Match: Trump is truly open and relaxed about this. Shinzō Abe won’t play along so easily.

Ma Chakai italk: We apologize that we can only use foreign heads of state.

Air Kaige: Making fun of American president doesn’t count as any real ability.

Fu Bi Han Family: Dogs are rich and noble and do not forget. -- Trump

Trump Rooster. NetEase screenshot.Seven Self-Determinations: Americans: “We are a free country. We dare to mock our head of state. Do you?” Chinese: “Yes, we do! Look!”

Fairy Who Likes Eating Shrimp: Trump: My face changes with the changing zodiac.

Whatever I See Makes Me Heartache and Depressed: Taiyuan people must be pretty happy about showing this.

Fresh Meat: “I dare to curse American president, do you?” “What’s so remarkable about that? I also dare to curse American president!”

Great Tang Envoy 2017: Look at their media. That’s what’s called self-confidence. That’s what’s called a major power. Compare us, it is obvious whose level is high and whose is low.

Huang Xi Joe Wong: LIKE Taiyuan!

Lanceyx: Both the Chinese and Americans can mock the American president.

Hitting Nurseries & Kicking Nursing Homes: It was “Trump Rooster” last year and it is “Trump Dog” this year. Sino-American relationship would probably be ruined by the Shanxi people.

Beast_Let Go The Girl: Year after year, Spring Festival after Spring Festival. Last year, it was Trump Rooster. This year, it is Trump Dog. Next year, it would be Trump Pig. U.S. imperialist president has never been so popular in people’s heart.

Bata3 Smiling 2B youth: Forwarding this Trump Dog, good luck for 2018!

Monica Honey Snow: Trump Rooster was a hit in China. When the Year of the Dog comes, I will certainly buy a Trump Dog.

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