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News/Translation: Chinese Weibots micro-blogging about Sino-U.S. trade war

Sino-U.S. trade war. Baidu screenshotBy Wen Liu   Apr. 10, 2018

We have heard or seen the official Chinese responses to President Trump’s proposed $50 billion tariffs on Chinese goods, and the threats of another $100 billion. For instance, from Xinhua: “China ready to strike back at U.S. tariff moves, all options possible,” “China to fight back immediately without hesitation if U.S. announces new tariff list,” “The U.S. is wrong about proposed tariff against China,” and “U.S. lifting an ever larger stone that will smash its own feet,” etc.

What about ordinary Chinese citizens? How do they see the brewing trade war? What have they been saying? Here is a sample of their comments on the popular micro-blogging site Weibo, collected on April 8, 2018:

Travel strategist: Don’t go to the U.S. anymore. China will open National Highway 7, with 10 natural scenic sites, said to be best in the world, crushing U.S Route 66!

wu2198: Global Times: Defeat Trump administration’s trade aggression like we defeated the U.S. in Korean War, as we establish China’s strategic determination all over the country. Though Korean War brought losses to China, it forced the U.S. to sign at 38th Parallel, set back Washington’s arrogance, and won America’s respect for China for many years. For today’s trade war, we must fight with the same kind of will and determination, and make the big bat the U.S. swings at China burn like match stick.

Great Happy Times: Sino-U.S. trade war, with the fighting style of one punching and the other kicking, is like a monkey show. Let me see how monkeys play out.

Murgleis: Sino-U.S. trade war is the fight between free capitalism and bureaucratic capitalism. Those singing the praise are not ordinary folks. I won’t comment. We old-hundred-names are fine living a plain life, having nothing to do with it.

Passer by 18 times: Judging from Big Mouth Trump’s tweets, China and the U.S. already have the intent to negotiate. Central media lowered the temperature by calling the “trade war” “trade friction.” It is showing expectation of compromise. Plus, news from yesterday emphasizing opening up on a higher level also revealed state policy arrangement. Now let’s wait for the Chairman to speak at Boao Forum. Don’t miss the journey to the New Era.

People's Daily Weibo post on Sino-U.S. trade war. Baidu screenshotWhite River flows by my house: Don’t try to persuade. Let the U.S. fall to death from the cliff.

Be a kind person 1221: Don’t need to show the cards. Stock market trend is telling it all!

Yue Jia the journalist: China Railway & Rolling Stock Chairman: Sino-U.S. trade war not a problem; Will go to U.S. this year: Chairman Liu Hualong: said, China Railway & Rolling Stock will open two plants in the U.S., one of them in Chicago, which will be 60% local.

Southern Territory Hercules: Blackmailing is U.S.’ basic national policy.

Extraterrestrial shark: Sino-U.S. trade war has started. All accusations are by official spokespersons, not hearing any voices from ordinary people or businesses involved. Is the government doing everything for us?

Raymond_Ma_Ma Si Ming: Chinese people and American people can have win win, but Chinese bigwigs and American bigwigs can’t have win win.

Loving mountains not big cities: About the Sino-U.S. trade war, my personal view is this: Don’t just look at the swords and crossbows drawn, or the storms gathering. Trump is trying to force China to yield. His purpose is to fleece the flock. If fleecing is not possible, this profiteer would not do a money losing business by killing one thousand enemy troops and loosing eight hundred of his own. So, unless China makes no concessions, the war wouldn’t start. This business expert surely will not let China take advantage.

Ding the third young master: Sino-U.S. trade war, is it on yet? What’s the use of shouting every day? Me and the masses are waiting to watch.

Wu Yanhui 0995: China-U.S. trade war looks serious these days. I think the solution to this chess game is very simple: support domestic needs of Chinese goods, better than exporting to the U.S. The U.S. is playing against itself. For China at this critical moment, a trade war is not necessarily a bad thing. It will make Chinese people more united.

Changchong man’s weibo: Lately, what I am concerned most is Sino-U.S. trade war. How long will it last? How wide is the scope? How deep would it go? How much people’s life including mine would be affected? Has the time come to restore food and oil? Big powers’ fight, out of politics and interests, would always hurt innocent people. I guess the time is coming soon for the two sides to sit down and negotiate. Number one and number two keep fighting, it won’t do either one any good. Neither wants to lose, and more importantly, neither can afford to lose.

Sino-U.S. trade war. Baidu sreenshot.Wu Xiaoda: China and the U.S. fighting a trade war, many people say it is because “America is declining.” However, saying “America is declining,” I think it is somewhat biased. Maybe in social hardware (airports, highways, high rises and other infrastructure), the U.S. is really behind. But in social software, Celestial Empire may not be ahead. Celestial Empire often pursues absolute results while ignore fairness in the process. While the U.S., due to its checks and balances, there is a certain degree of guarantee of social fairness. Nevertheless, this is also mostly why at certain stage, the U.S. will have bottle neck in further development.

Empire capital 20125: News of Sino-U.S. trade war is blocking sky and covering earth. Rolling up their sleeves up, with passion and heat, with two sides have two words: not submit. In reality, everybody knows that some things we can say but not do; other things we can do but not say. Real big show is not played under the sun, but in private and dark. Let’s wait and see.

Tong brother loves you: Trade war between China and the U.S. is getting fierce. When China was weak, we relied on Americans and Europeans for technologies. They, as a wolf in sheep’s clothing, transferred technology to us while charging us exorbitant fees. Now China leads the world in science and technology, Europe and America team up to block China’s development. As Chinese, patriotism is our duty. Support Chinese goods and do not be obsessed with foreign brands.

Behind vanity: According to foreign media reports, Sino-U.S. trade war is escalating. Next to suffer would be big Hollywood movies. Can you accept it if you cannot see big American movies?

Knowing action and retribution: From the current situation, Sino-U.S. trade war looks like ending soon. From Trump’s tweets, China will make concessions, in a way that makes Chinese feel like winning. Therefore, capital market should not panic.

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