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News: Stan Barer gave talk at Beijing University on China’s urgent need of air rescue service

Stan Barer lecturing on air rescue at Beijing University, Dec. 2015. Source: XinhuaBy Wen Liu   Jan. 18, 2016

Ever since the Sichuan earthquake in 2008, according to CAAC News, there has been a growing call in China for air emergency rescue service.

Stan Barer, a veteran China hand and pioneer in Washington state’s relations with China, is blazing new trails for that need.

As Xinhua reported that last month, December 2015, Barer visited Beijing, a city he has returned to many times since 1975 when he first broke ground there on the resumption of U.S.-China bilateral shipping. His law firm Garvey Schubert Barer also has a Beijing office.

Barer was there at the invitation of Xu Changdong, 徐昌东, chairman of USAChina Investment Group. In answering the call for air rescue service, Xu had returned to China to invest in helicopter manufacturing. In 2013, when the first workshop program of emergency rescue came into being at Beijing University, Xu became its director. Over the two years, Xu has organized two forums on air rescue during air shows in China. In 2014, China’s State Council issued a policy paper on the development of China’s rescue service industry. Last September, CAAC report said, China Low Altitude Industry Institute, with Xu as its president, held the 2015 seminar on the development of air emergency rescue industry and produced China’s first air rescue Blue Book.

Xu Changdong at air rescue lecture at Beijing University. Source: XinhuaMr. Xu happens also to be an officer of China’s Western Returned Scholars Association (WRSA), a century old organization under China’s central government. In 2011, for the first time, WRSA gave its Lifetime Achievement Award to an American, our own Stan Barer for his important role in developing U.S.-China relations.

The latest event, the “China General Aviation Emergency Rescue” Academic Lecture took place on December 7 at Beijing University. After Xu’s opening remarks, Stan Barer, with his rich experience in U.S. commerce and U.S.-China trade, gave the keynote speech on air rescue. Among other things, according to Xinhua, Barer told the audience which included students of the air rescue program:

"Air rescue service is very important for any country. United States is considered among the most developed in air emergency rescue, with 88% of its population living within 20 minutes’ reach of air rescue, while China is in urgent need of air emergency rescue and medical services. There are many opportunities here that should motivate the society extensively to participate in this industry and to create great values."

Barer promised that he would work hard to promote the cooperation and exchange between the United States and China in air emergency rescue industry.

This is exciting development for those in the air rescue industry in Washington state and around the country. We look forward to hearing more from Mr. Barer.

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