WA and China News-in-Pics

(A selection of news-in-pics, 2018)

Locke, Nyhus China discussion

June 19: Hosted by TDA, former U.S. Ambassador to China Gary Locke had a discussion with Roger Nyhus, President & CEO of Nyhus Communications, on U.S.-China trade war and its impact. Locke said Trump administration should have a consistent message as to what America’s beef is with China, unfair trade practices or deficit. China, he said, would not back down with tariffs, which would slow U.S. economy and offset American corporate profit from tax cuts. As for Washington state export, Locke said China could just buy more Airbus instead of Boeing. The ZTE ban, Locke said, made China more determined with its Made in China 2025. In fact, Locke said U.S. government should do more to promote next wave of technology, as we do not have a strategy. --WCWD 06/19/18

WAC China debate, Bell Harbor Int'l Conference Center

May 21: The World Affairs Council of Seattle hosted a debate on the future of Sino-American relations. The event was convened by the Brookings Institution, the Charles Koch Institute and in partnership with POLITICO. Debaters were Bonnie Glaser of CSIS, Eugene Gholz of University of Notre Dame, Ryan Hass of Brookings, and David Kang of University of Southern California. Topics included China’s rise and assertiveness, U.S.’ lack of clear interests in China, trade, security, North Korea, Trump and Xi, etc. Prof. Kang said well that China had risen; now it’s how to live with China. --WCWD 05/22/18

Conrad Lee

May 18: As the “Season Finale,” the China Club of Seattle had as its dinner speaker former Mayor of Bellevue and current Bellevue City Council Member Conrad Lee. As a leader of the Chinese community in the Greater Seattle area, Lee talked about what he called the “Three Waves” of Chinese immigrants to the U.S., Chinese American pioneers in Seattle, the latest Chinese immigrants in Bellevue and issues they face, and how the community should work together for “our rights,” not “my rights.” –WCWD 05/18/18

Enchanting China

Apr. 2: China Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra gave a rare and one night only performance at the Benaroya Hall. The concert “Enchanting China” showcased classic Chinese instruments, such as Erhu, Sheng, Banhu, Liuqin, and Ruan, and classic Chinese opera and folk music works, such as “Horse Racing,” “Moonlit Night on a Spring River,” “Silk Road,” and also soprano and tenor, singing both Chinese and Western songs. The group is touring the U.S. West Coast, with stops in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. --WCWD 04/03/18

Hung-Jong Lee

Mar. 30: China Club of Seattle held its monthly dinner at the China Harbor. Guest speaker was Hung-Jong LEE, Korea's new Consul General in Seattle. Mr. Lee, a diplomat with a long and successful career, talked about Korean and China trade over the last three decades, Korean and Chinese tourist exchanges, the suspension of Korean business in China over the U.S. THAAD deployment, and great opportunities going forward. Audience also asked about the coming North and South summit. --WCWD 03/30/18

Susan Whiting, Spencer Cohen China land reform lecture

Feb. 15: The Washington State China Relations Council held a Policy Briefing on “Land Reform and Economic Development in China,” presented by Susan Whiting, Associate Professor of Political Science and Adjunct Associate Professor of Law & International Studies at the UW. She talked about how China relies on land to promote growth, how local governments use land sale to attract business, fill fiscal gap and as collateral for debt, how that reliance on land for development led to protests, and how land use right works, etc. Spencer Cohen, senior economist with Community Attributes, Inc. and a former student of Whiting’s, made comments, especially on the sustainability of this model of China’s, and led the Q&A. --WCWD 02/15/18

FA3 porcelain event info sheet

Feb. 10: The Friends of Asian Art Association and Bonhams, one of the world’s oldest and largest auctioneers of fine art and antiques, jointly presented a talk on “The Eight Friends of Pearl Mountain: Porcelain Production in Late Qing China,” by Daniel Herskee, who has been instrumental in sales and the acquiring of consignments for Bonhams’ Asian Art auctions in San Francisco, New York and Hong Kong. Herskee talked about differences between porcelains from Jingdezhen commissioned by the imperial court and those from the more market-oriented smaller kilns. The event hostess was Cynthia Rekdal, FA3 executive director, whose interview can be seen here. --WCWD 02/12/18

Joe Borich, Fraser Mendel, Asia Business Forum, Feb. 6, 2018

Feb. 6: Asia Business Forum gave its panel presentation on the 2018 business outlooks of China, Japan and S. Korea at the Bellevue City Hall. China panelists were Fraser Mendel, Vice Chair of the Washington State China Relations Council, and Joe Borich, former president of the Council. They talked about China’s economy in 2017 and then 2018, including risks such as debt, poverty and pollution, impact of Trump’s trade policy for China, Chinese investment in the U.S., and challenges and opportunities for American companies in China. Asked to describe with one word how he felt about U.S.-China trade in 2018, Joe Borich said, “Worried.” --WCWD 02/06/18