WA and China News-in-Pics

(A selection of news-in-pics, 2017)

Anand Yang

Nov. 17: Prof. Anand Yang of International Studies and History at the UW gave a talk on “India and China– Can Asia accommodate two rising powers?” at the first fall-winter dinner gathering of China Club of Seattle. With his unique background of growing up in India as a Chinese boy, Yang reviewed the history of India and China relations, compared their economy, trade, population, education, etc., and explained the concepts of Chindia, a combined economy, Indo-Asia-Pacific, a convergence of China’s Belt-Road program, India’s Look/Act East Policy and America’s rebalance in Asia, as well as President Trump’s Indo-Pacific. --WCWD 11/18/17

David Bachman, Kane Hall, UW

Nov. 6: David Bachman, Henry M. Jackson Professor of International Studies at the University of Washington, gave the China lecture in Jackson School’s lecture series “Trump in the World: International Implications.” Bachman argued that most of the issues in U.S.-China relations, be it N. Korea, trade, or human rights, were concrete expressions of the differences in their national identities, understandings of the global order, and visions of the future. Even with uncertainties under Trump, Bachman believed that elements of continuity in U.S. China policy were likely to be as great as elements of discontinuity. –WCWD 11/06/17

James Green, Mercy Kuo, Jacqueline Miller

Oct. 27: The World Affairs Council Seattle and the Washington State China Relations Council held a joint lunch discussion on “US-China Relations: Progress and Uncertainty” at the K&L Gates in downtown Seattle. Moderated by Jacqueline Miller, President of World Affairs, James Green, USTR Minister Counselor for Trade Affairs at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing, and Mercy Kuo, president of China Council, commented on issues including the 19th CPC Congress, American beef and other deals with China, USTR 301 investigation of China, North Korea, South China Sea, U.S. trade deficit with China, etc. –WCWD 10/27/17

Kim WymanZhang YaqinMark Wen, Aaron Rose, on healthcareDino RossiCyrus HabibSeattle Biz-Tech Summit programSept. 30: The 2017, and the 5th, Seattle Biz-Tech Summit was held in Hyatt Regency Bellevue, with 1,700 people participating from both China and the U.S., the largest attendance since its first year at 400. Secretary of State Kim Wyman gave the opening and welcoming speech. Keynote speakers Yaqin Zhang, President of Baidu, and Swami Sivasubramanian, VP of Amazon Web Services, talked about AI technology. Breakout sessions included cloud in practice, intelligent mobility, cross-border M&A law, technology & innovation in healthcare, angel investment, etc. Dinner speakers were State Senator Dino Rossi and Lt. Governor Cyrus Habib. --WCWD 09/30/17

China CDC Liang, UW Riedinger. Source: chinacdc.cn

Sept. 29: According to its web post, China Center for Disease Control said it had signed a MOU of cooperation with the University of Washington. It was signed on UW campus, after their meeting, by the visiting Liang Xiaofeng, deputy director of China CDC, and Prof. Jeffrey Riedinger, Vice Provost for Global Affairs. Cooperation would be in healthcare, especially in disease prevention and control. Last June, UW President Ana Mari Cauce visited China CDC. –WCWD

Tacoma Moon Fest

Sept. 16: The fifth annual Tacoma Chinese Moon Festival also took place this afternoon at the Chinese Reconciliation Park on the Ruston waterfront in Tacoma. In addition to performances on the Fuzhou Ting stage by a number of groups from music to dance, there were booths from Chinese tea art to Chinese calligraphy, from food to souvenirs. The event finale was parade of lanterns led by the Moon Princess. It was free and open event for all ages –WCWD 09/16/17

Traditional Culture event at Seattle Chinese Garden

Sept. 16: A new event took place in Knowing the Spring Courtyard at the Seattle Chinese Garden in West Seattle this afternoon, called “Celebration of Traditional Culture.” A number of local Chinese cultural and art groups gave a performance of traditional Chinese music, dance, opera, as well as a “fashion” show of qipao dress, as seen in the picture. Chinese American artist Yiqiao George Jiang also gave a demonstration of traditional Chinese painting skills. The ticket was $16. –WCWD 09/16/17

Rosen with the famous Rhodium map of Chinese FDI in the U.S.

Aug. 10: Daniel H. Rosen, founding partner of the New York-based Rhodium Group, gave a talk on “Chinese FDI in the U.S. by Congressional District” at Dorsey & Whitney in downtown Seattle, as part of the Policy Briefing Series of the WA State China Relations Council. In addition to the title subject, Mr. Rosen also presented Rhodium’s other latest publications, including “Chinese Outbound M&A in 1H 2017” and “Two-Way Street: 2017 Update.” Want to find out Chinese FDI in WA-09 or WA-05, what companies, what transactions, how many jobs, go to Rhodium web page here. --WCWD 08/11/17

Chinese students won award at ASABE. Source: news.youth.cn screenshot

Aug. 2: China Youth News reported that on July 20, in Spokane, WA, nine students from China Agricultural University won the championship of the 2017 college robotic design competition of ASABE, American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineering. There were 17 teams competing, from 15 American and Chinese universities, including Purdue, UC Davis, Zhejiang University, which had won last year. The theme of the competition this year was automatic pruning of raspberries grown in Washington state. –WCWD 08/04/17

Jiusheng Li receiving award at ASABE. Source: sciencenet.cn screenshot

July 26: China’s Science Net reported that on July 19, in Spokane, WA, Jiusheng Li of China won the 2017 Netafirm Microirrigation Award at the annual international meeting of ASABE, American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers. A professor at the China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research in Beijing, Li was recognized for his outstanding research in microirrigation management to enhance crop productivity while conserving environmental quality. Li was the first Chinese national to receive this award. –WCWD 08/04/17

UW Tacoma Chinese language summer camp opening ceremony. Source: China Higher Ed gx211.

June 19: According to this China higher education website, University of Washington Tacoma opened its Chinese language summer camp at the Yellow River Conservancy Technical Institute in Kaifeng, Henan province. Prof. William McGuire and 15 students from Tacoma as well as Prof. Li Yi along with staff at the host institute attended the ceremony. It’s the first such summer camp offered by the host institute. For four weeks, UW student campers will learn Chinese language, culture, wushu, calligraphy and tea art. --WCWD 06/22/2017

Luo Linquan and Ed Murray. Source: Foreign Ministry PRC.

June 6: China Foreign Ministry posted that Luo Linquan (罗林泉), Consul General of the People’s Republic of China in San Francisco, visited Seattle on June 6. He met with Mayor Murray, visited Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Amazon, WSU, etc. Luo and Murray agreed that the two sides should push forward cooperation in trade, technology, culture, tourism and other areas and play an active role in the development of U.S.-China relations. --WCWD 06/11/17

Prof. Harrell & Prof. Lavely

June 1: Prof. Stevan Harrell and Prof. William Lavely gave a lecture at Allen Library UW on their new book “Rural China on the Eve of Revolution, Sichuan Fieldnotes, G. William Skinner.” From 1949-1950, Skinner, "the world's most influential anthropologist of China,” according to American Anthropologist, conducted two and a half months of field research on rural social structure near Gaodianzi, Sichuan. Harrell and Lavely told the fascinating story of Skinner's work there and how they came to publish this book. --WCWD 06/01/17

SIFF and China. Source: PRC Consulate SF

May 23: Consulate General of PR China in San Francisco posted on its website about the opening of the 43rd SIFF in Seattle on May 18th. With the China Stars Showcase in its second year and 10 new Chinese feature films to screen, Chinese Cultural Attache Xiao Xiayong from San Francisco and Eugene Zhang of WASA North America Group, which curated part of the series, attended the event and met with SIFF Executive Director Sarah Wilke and Artistic Director Beth Barrett. --WCWD 05/24/17

Northwest U and Zhengzhou U of Aeronautics. Source: sciencenet.cn

May 18: Science Net News in China reported that a delegation of 44 people from Northwest University in Seattle had visited Zhengzhou University of Aeronautics, in Henan province. They had four days of events of interactions and exchanges between the students, and sightseeing. Yang Pei, VP of Zhengzhou U of Aeronautics, welcomed the guests. Tom Sill, Associate Professor of Northwest U, invited Zhengzhou students to visit Seattle. --WCWD 05/21/17

Dr. Pagano meets Yan Shijing. Source: news.sina

May 11: According to Sina News and the People’s Daily, Dr. Mark A. Pagano, Chancellor of UW Tacoma, and a delegation, visited Sichuan University, in Chengdu, and met with its Vice President Yan Shijing. Sichuan U and the UW first began a cooperation in medical education as early as the 1980s. They expressed hope that there would be more extensive relations in student exchanges, visiting professors, research, etc. Dr. Pagano invited the Chinese students to come study at UW Tacoma. --WCWD 05/21/17

C919. CNN screenshot.

Apr. 23: CNN Money reported that China's first big jetliner C919, produced by the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, or Comac, just passed a crucial test by finishing its final ground trial in Shanghai. That took China a step closer to becoming one of the world's elite large airline makers, the U.S., Russia, Brazil, Canada, the U.K., France and Germany. CNN said the 168-seat C919 was roughly the same size as Boeing's 737-800 and Airbus's A320. Its maiden flight is expected before the end of May. --WCWD 04/25/17

Allison McCarty, Prof. Todd Wildermuth, Prof. Dongsheng Zang

Apr. 20: “Death by Design” was the title at the weekly China-related documentary screening at the UW Asian Law Center. It looked at the deadly, and alarming, environmental and social costs in both the U.S. and China associated with the manufacture and disposal of electronic devices, with cases of IBM and Foxconn. Q&A session afterwards featured Prof. Dongsheng Zang, director of Asian Law, and Prof. Todd Wildermuth, director of UW environmental law program. Everyone owning an electronic device should watch it, with a review here. --WCWD 04/21/17

Gary Locke. Screenshot.

Apr. 5: Gary Locke, former U.S. ambassador to China and former governor of Washington, was interviewed by CNBC on the upcoming Trump-Xi summit in Florida. Commenting on “a fair deal” that President Trump wanted from China in our trade, Locke said, China really needed to start opening more of its markets, and there needed to be a level playing field and more access for American companies into China, same way as Chinese companies could sell and operate here in America. --WCWD 04/06/17

Lincoln Hi students. Screenshot.

Apr. 3: In anticipation of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s meeting with President Trump in Florida, People’s Daily talked to the students and teachers at the Lincoln High School in Tacoma, where Xi and wife Peng Liyuan visited in 2015. Principal Patrick Erwin reminisced Xi’s visit and students their visit to China in 2016 at Xi’s invitation. They all wished Xi a successful summit and another visit to Lincoln High. --WCWD 04/06/17

Bao Bao. Cankaoxiaoxi screenshot.

Mar. 25: Cankaoxiaoxi reported that Bao Bao, the three-year-old American-born star panda who had lived in the Washington D.C. zoo until last month, came out to meet the public for the first time in his new home at the Dujiangyan panda conservation base in Sichuan, China, after 30-days of quarantine. Sichuan, the home of all pandas, is Washington’s sister province. Washington State Panda Foundation has been trying to get a panda from Sichuan since 2015 when Chinese president Xi Jinping visited Seattle. --WCWD 03/25/17

Ben Shorbert, NBR screenshot

Mar. 16: According to Seattle-based National Bureau of Asian Research, Benjamin Shobert, its Senior Associate for International Health, testified before the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission at a Hearing on "China's Pursuit of Next Frontier Tech: Computing, Robotics, and Biotechnology." Shobert talked about China’s biotechnology industry and policies, comparison between U.S. and Chinese biotechnology capabilities, opportunities for collaboration, and maintaining U.S. strategic advantages. Full text available here on NBR website. --WCWD 03/18/17

Prof. Chan

Mar. 10: Prof. Kam Wing Chan of UW Dept. of Geography gave his talk at the China Club dinner on “China's Missing Children- How economic migration leaves 100 million children behind.” Using his Shanghai case study and its population pyramid, or Xmas tree, Chan explained how the strict huko system prevented millions of children from living in the cities with their migrant parents. For Chan’s Paulson Institute report on a 15-year phase-out of the huko system and an essay on how China could learn from U.S. immigration policies in its migration policy reforms, go to his web page here. --WCWD 03/11/17

Borich, Reid at ABF

Mar. 2: Asia Business Forum held a panel discussion on the economic prospects for China, India and Japan, anticipating President Trump’s new trade policies, moderated by Joe Borich, former president of WA China Relations Council. Prof. David Reid of Global Business Strategy at Seattle U gave the presentation on China. Using his case study of Liaoning province, Reid talked about China’s slower growth, debt, ghost cities, overcapacity, unrealistic growth target of 6.5% for this year, even military possibility to distract, etc. However, Reid also lamented the lost TPP, possible trade war with China, and the political gain behind China’s new Silk Road project to connect China and Eurasia. --WCWD 03/03/17

Gates and Gao. Screenshot.

Feb. 18: Netease News reported that China’s Gao Xiaosong (高晓松), composer, playwright, producer, and talk show host, interviewed Bill Gates. They talked about the Gates Foundation and its charity work, IT, AI, AlphaGo, Jack Ma of Alibaba, and China’s rapid development. Gates also explained the concept that the Foundation would spend all of its resources within 20 years after Bill's and Melinda's deaths. You can watch part of the interview here. --WCWD 02/20/17

Deng Fanhua in Vancouver, WADeng Fanhua in Seattle

Feb. 15: China’s Consulate General in San Francisco posted that DEP Consul General Deng Fanhua (邓繁华) was in state to celebrate the Chinese New Year with both Vancouver WA Chinese Association and Soo Yuen Benevolent Association of Seattle. Joining him in Vancouver were Clark County chair Marc Boldt, State Rep. Liz Pike and Vancouver Mayor Timothy D. Leavitt. Joining him in Seattle were Mayor Ed Murray, former Lt. Governor Brad Owen and local Chinese American leaders. –WCWD 02/20/17

Ren Faqing meeing Kim Wyman

Jan. 17: According to a post by China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on Jan. 11, Deputy Chinese Consul General Ren Faqiang (任发强 ) to San Francisco attended in Olympia the inauguration ceremonies of Washington state elected officials, including Governor Jay Inslee, Lieutenant Governor Cyrus Habib, and Secretary of State Kim Wyman. Ren also met with Seattle Mayor Ed Murray and Chairman of the Washington State Republican Party Susan Hutchison. Ren discussed with them about how to further promote cooperation between China and Washington. --WCWD 01/17/17

Head of Saint George's School Jamie Tender in Chengdu.

Jan. 13: China Internet News Center reported that Saint George’s School of Spokane, Washington, signed an agreement on Jan. 7 with the Experiment School of SMS of Chengdu, Sichuan, to jointly run a Saint George’s School Chengdu Branch, a high school. The branch will begin recruiting 50 students in March from all over Sichuan and enroll them this fall. The curriculum will be a combination of Saint George’s AP courses and those of Chinese high schools and be taught in both Chinese and English. After three years, the students would earn a dual Chinese and American diploma. --WCWD 01/16/17