WA and China News-in-Pics

(A selection of news-in-pics from March-December, 2016)

Asia Business Forum

Dec. 6: Asia Business Forum held a panel discussion on “Reactions From Asia - The Trump Presidency and Prospects for US-Asia Business” on Tuesday evening in Bellevue City Hall. The panelist focusing on China was Dr. David Reid, Professor at Seattle University. Along with his fellow panelists on Japan, Indonesia, India and Vietnam, Prof. Reid mostly talked about Trump’s abandoning of TPP, how it would benefit China and hurt the U.S., as TPP would have higher standards of trade and lower tariffs for American exports, and how Asian countries would now gravitate towards China. The discussion was moderated by Michael Messina of Skyline Global. --WCWD

Vincent Yao speaking

Nov. 18: China Club of Seattle held another dinner event, featuring Vincent Yao, Director General of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in Seattle, a diplomat who worked under both DPP and KMT governments. Yao talked about Taiwan’s dynamic relationship with the U.S. in security, economic benefits, and cooperation on global issues. On TPP, Yao said Taiwan would have benefitted from it. On relations with mainland China, Yao said the new president Tsai wants to maintain the status quo and peace, adding that unification issue could be left to future generations, especially when China becomes democratic. --WCWD

Boeing in Zhoushan. Source: Baidu screenshot.

Nov. 12: Jichuang Shangwu Net reported that Boeing, in its centennial year, took a historic step in its cooperation in aviation industry with China. On Oct 28, Zhejiang provincial government, Boeing, and COMAC, (Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd.) held a joint announcement and signing ceremony, affirming that the Boeing 737 Completion and Delivery Center shall be located in Zhoushan, Zhejiang. It is the first 737 finishing plant Boeing has ever opened in another country. The first delivery of 737 finished in Zhejiang is expected by end of 2018. --WCWD

Keynote speaker Gary LockeU.S. China investment panelSeattle Startup Challenge

Oct. 22: Seattle Biz-Tech Summit 2016 was held in Hyatt Regency Bellevue, the 4th since 2013 by Nan Hai, gathering industry leaders, investors, developers and startups from Pacific Northwest and China. Former U.S. Ambassador to China Gary Locke keynoted on why Chinese companies should invest in the U.S. and Washington. Another keynote speaker Li Deng, Chief Scientist of AI, Microsoft, talked about Deep Learning. Break-out sessions included WeChat Marketing, Intelligent Cloud, Venture Capital, Internet of Things, and U.S. China Mutual Investment, with panelists Allison Clark, Managing Director, business services, WA Dept. of Commerce, Carlton Vann, Director, Int’l Business Development, City of Seattle, Michael Christ, CEO, SECO Development, and moderator Mark Wen, president of WA China Chamber of Commerce. OxiScience won this year’s Seattle Startup Challenge with a prize of $10,000. --WCWD

Henry Kissinger at CHINA Town Hall 2016Nick Lardy at CHINA Town Hall 2016

Oct. 18: The 2016 CHINA Town Hall of the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations took place as scheduled, with Dr. Henry Kissinger as the national speaker via webcast, Dr. Nick Lardy of the Peterson Institute for International Economics as the local speaker, and Nelson Dong, general counsel of the Washington State China Relations Council as the host at the local venue in Columbia Center. While talking about U.S.-China relations in general, when asked about the Philippines’ new closer move towards China over the South China Sea controversy, Kissinger didn’t think it had affected the country’s treaty alliance with the U.S. Talking about Washington state and China, Lardy said that under a Trump administration, Washington would lose exports, while under Clinton and without the TPP, there would be lost opportunities. Both speakers agreed that the President Obama’s “pivot to Asia” was not what it should have been. --WCWD

Tabitha Mallory speaking at China Club dinner. 09.30.16

Sept. 30: China Club of Seattle held its first fall dinner event of 2016, featuring Tabitha Mallory, Fellow in Political and Security Affairs at The National Bureau of Asian Research (NBR) based in Seattle, with the topic “What's at Stake in the South China Sea?” Dr. Mallory talked about the "stake" from various aspects including ocean as resources, China’s original 9-dash line, its 5-year plan for ocean development, its moderation since The Hague ruling against its claims, and the UNCLOS. The more intriguing idea from Mallory of the night was that Seattle was in a great position to partner with China in oceanography, from education to management. Stay tuned. --WCWD

Asian Law Center event, 09/28/16

Sept. 28: Asian Law Center of UW screened another China documentary in its September series, focusing on the country’s law, politics, and social justice. Wednesday’s showing "The Land of Many Palaces" was set in Ordos, Inner Mongolia -- dubbed "China's largest ghost city.” It was followed by a panel discussion and Q&A with UW faculty Prof. Dongsheng Zang, Asian Law Center director, Prof. Susan Whiting of Political Science, Prof. Kam Wing Chan of Geography and Prof. Dan Abramson of Urban Design and Planning, touching on China’s urbanization, migrant population, land rights, household registration, etc. Screening continues next Wednesday. --WCWD

GIX ground-breaking. Source: Sohu via Baidu

Sept. 25: Sohu reported that GIX, Global Innovation Exchange, the joint venture high education institute between UW and Tsinghua University, held its ground-breaking ceremony on Sept. 23 in Seattle. The campus will be in Bellevue’s Spring District, scheduled to open in Sept. 2017. Attending the ceremony were Gov. Inslee, Consul General LUO Linquan, Tsinghua President QIU Yong, UW President Ana Mari Cauce, King County Executive Dow Constantine and Bellevue Mayor John Stokes. First group of students majoring in Connected Devices are already in school in Tsinghua and will move in Bellevue next September. A new metal plaque unveiled says “A partnership of innovators creating solutions to our world’s greatest challenges.” --WCWD

David Hoffman on China's Re-Form

July 25: David R. Hoffman, VP and Managing Director of The Conference Board China Center, gave a talk on “The New (ab)Normal: A Realistic Look at China’s Current Economic Environment and Path Forward,” at the invitation of the Washington State China Relations Council. It was an appraisal of China’s recent economic, financial market and policy/reform developments and what it means for multinational companies. Hoffman also talked about how reform in China should really be understood as Re-Form. For more information, go to the Center website. --WCWD

Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Washington State. Source: Ifeng TV screenshot.

June 11: China’s Ministry of Commerce announced that the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Washington State held an official ceremony of establishment on June 8 in Seattle. Among the VIPs attending and speaking at the event were Chinese Consul General in San Francisco Luo Linquan, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, Tacoma Mayor Marilyn Strickland, former American Ambassador to China Gary Locke, former Bellevue Mayor Conrad Lee, and State Department of Commerce Director Brian Bonlender. --WCWD

Tacoma Dragon Boat Team

June 10:
Fuzhou News reported that the Tacoma Dragon Boat Team participated in the 2016 China Dragon Boat Race, Fuzhou section. Along with 22 local teams, 22 Tacoma rowers joined Fuzhou rowers to form the “Rui Fu Year Team.” At the invitation by the Fuzhou municipal government, the Tacoma Dragon Boat Team first went in 2000 to race in Fuzhou, Tacoma’s sister city. --WCWD

City U visiting Zhejiang Finance College. Source: www.zfc.edu.cn

May 24: Windows on China's High Ed posted the story that on May 18, Chen Lirong, head of the Party committee at the Zhejiang Finance College in Hangzhou, met with Dr. Tom Cary, dean of the School of Management at the City University of Seattle. The two schools have been exploring opportunities of exchange since 2014. This June, it said, Zhejiang Finance College will send a group of teachers to City U for three months of study and research. A MOU will be signed then on future exchanges and cooperation. --WCWD

Caught poster screenshot. Source: SPT website.

May 20: Your attention could really be caught by this new play called Caught put on by Seattle Public Theater, May 20-June 12, at the Bathhouse on Green Lake. The show seemed an attempt to find truth, especially by Americans trying to understand China, through three fictional Chinese artists, one claiming to have been imprisoned in China, one visiting from China, and one no longer living. It is unique, intriguing, and made more so with backdrop images of Tiananmen Square crackdown and a Chinese art display in the theater hallway. --WCWD

Robert Short Museum. Source: Xinhua SZ news.

May 13: The Daily Beast posted this story, “The Chinese Built a Shrine for This American Pilot.” Who was this American pilot? It turned out to be Robert Short from Tacoma, WA, who at the age 28 in 1932 was the first American pilot to give his life to China while fighting the Japanese. Short arrived in Shanghai in 1931, right before Japan attacked China. Flying a Boeing Model 218 biplane, Short fought three Japanese bombers, killing one Japanese pilot. The museum China's American Hero in his memory opened in Suzhou in 2015. --WCWD

Ed Murray interviewed by SZTQB. Source: SZTQB screenshot.

May 13: Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Daily interviewed the visiting Mayor Ed Murray of Seattle. “Both cities are high tech and innovation capitals of their respective country,” Murray said. Even though this was his first trip to China and to Shenzhen, Murray said there was a natural familiarity about Shenzhen because of the many things in common. When asked about Seattle’s growth, Murray said Seattle is seeking “smart growth” in terms of housing, transportation and environment to meet the needs of its growing population.--WCWD

Bart Fite and Gary Locke. Photo by Wen Liu

Apr. 22: China Club of Seattle celebrated its centennial with a larger than usual dinner and a larger than usual speaker: Gary Locke, former governor of Washington, Commerce Secretary and U.S. ambassador to China. Locke talked about China of skyscrapers and old villages, anti-corruption and media censorship, aggression in South China Sea and collaboration in clean energy. The highlight was when Bart Fite, the Club president, presented Locke with a backpack, remaking the image of Locke carrying a backpack on his way to Beijing, symbol of his down-to-earth style.--WCWD

Duncan Clark. Photo by Wen Liu

Apr. 21: Duncan Clark, author of “Alibaba: The House Jack Ma Built,” was the featured speaker at the Nyhus reception this evening at the Columbia Tower Club. Clark, a Beijing-based UK citizen, has advised on investors in China’s digital and consumer markets for 20 years. In his remarks, Clark called Jack Ma “an American dream that happened in China.” In an earlier Puget Sound Business Journal event, Clark talked about the different roles the two Washingtons played in U.S.-China relations.--WCWD

Jim Dawon. Photo by Wen Liu

Apr. 16: Seattle Chinese Garden is celebrating its 2016 Peony & Bamboo Festival this weekend, with peony blossoms definitely outshining the bamboos. Yiqiao Jiang who introduced the Chinese peony to the Garden said this year’s bloom outdid last year's, probably even those in hometown Luoyang. Jim Dawson, acting president of the Garden, beamed in the crowd and the sun. This year, he said, the Garden would launch a major capital fundraising campaign under Mason Blacher, the new fundraising counsel.--WCWD

Brad Owen in Shandong. Source: gx211.com

Apr. 6: According to the website Windows on China's High Ed, Lt. Governor Brad Owen visited Shandong Foreign Trade Vocational College. The Shandong school would like to develop an overseas branch in cooperation with the Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma. Chen Shouren, a PLU director who was on the trip with Owen, expressed the university’s support of the idea and that it would provide sites and a platform for the planned branch.--WCWD

BYD electric bus. Source: Sohu

Mar. 28: According to Sohu auto news, Link Transit, which serves Chelan and Douglas Counties of Washington, would welcome this summer four BYD battery electric buses to join its fleet and offer the residents green transportation. The four buses would be the first delivery of an order of up to 800 all-electric BYD buses by WSDOT last September. BYD (Build Your Dreams), headquartered in Shenzhen, China, builds the electric buses at BYD Coach & Bus in California.--WCWD

Brian Bonlender meeting Yang Yihang. Source: Sina

Mar. 11: According to Sina finance news, Brian Bonlender, Director of Washington State Department of Commerce, met with Yang Yihang (杨依杭), the Economic and Commercial Counselor at the Chinese Consulate General in San Francisco. They exchanged ideas on further developing the economic and trade relations between China and the state, the cooperation of small and medium enterprises of the two sides, and the establishment of a “mechanism of economic and trade cooperation” between China’s Ministry of Commerce, a Chinese province, and Washington state. --WCWD

Ed Murray meeting Luo Linquan. Source: China Foreign Ministry

Mar. 8: According to China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray met with China's Consul General Luo Linquan (罗林泉) in San Francisco. Consul General Luo expressed thanks to the city and citizens of Seattle for their warm welcome to President Xi Jinping last September, and China’s wish to continue the exchanges and cooperation with Seattle. On his part, Mayor Murray said Seattle welcomes more Chinese companies to invest here and that he anticipates more Chinese tourists this year, U.S.-China Tourism Year.--WCWD