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Connecting WA and ChinaI fell in love with the story of Washington state and China when I first learned about the Washington State China Relations Council, founded in 1979, the year the United States and China normalized their diplomatic relations.

So fascinated that I interviewed the founders and executive directors, searched archives and records, and wrote in 2005 the book "Connecting Washington and China--The Story of the Washington State China Relations Council."

My First Impression of China The fascination continued to grow as I met more people and learned more about Washington and China, and growing into another book in 2014, "My First Impression of China--Washingtonians' First Trips to the Middle Kingdom," a collection of 35 stories of Washingtonians' first trips to China, marking the 35th anniversary of U.S.-China relations.

The same fascination is still going strong today as there is more to the people and the stories behind WA-China relations that I would love to explore and share. Thus this website: my third project on this unique relationship.

Along with writing, I also learned to do something else interesting: web design. It seemed magical to me that with those little html codes one could create a web page of any colors or styles from scratch. It was also practical for a writer to be able to design her own a website and to post anything any time without having to ask for help.

As the author, publisher and web designer of WA China Watch Digest, I am responsible for the content and presentation of this website. Information provided here is based on my own knowledge and research, and is therefore by no means complete. I welcome feedback and suggestions from readers, especially those from various regions of Washington, to improve this online China-watching publication for Washingtonians.

Last but not least, this website is more an attempt at the current events and history of WA-China relations than one of academic or political discussions about China. For my political views on China, refer, please, to this op-ed in The Seattle Times," Silence in China again on 25th anniversary of Tiananmen."

September 1, 2015

Wen Liu
Wen Liu (刘雯)
Seattle, WA